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I'd started in B/W and using field camera. Now I've moved to digital ... (my wife was happy when I did it...)
Here are some scanned negatives and new pictures from digital camera.
  1. Cathedral Beach. Galicia north coast of Spain.
  2. Chenonceau castle at Loire river
  3. Nature
  4. Airballoons just during the take-off
  5. Trees seen during airballoon fly
  6. Inside the airballoon
  7. Winter in Catalonia mountains
  8. Pais Basc. North of Spain
  9. Winter in Catalonia mountains
  10. Pirineus. Catalonia mountains near of France border
  11. The Pitarque River is just born some meters behind
  12. La Bretagne, France
  13. Grand Canyon. I think this is one of the most recorded views within the parc
  14. Fall season in Catalonia mountains, near France border.
  15. Piedra River natural waterparc
  16. Bretagne (France).
  17. Galicia. Northwest coast of Spain.
  18. Gallicia. Northwest coast of Spain
  19. This place is near Aliaga, at the Maestrat region.
  20. Amsterdam. Winter 2010. The previous night was snowing and freezing
  21. The beautiful city of Salamanca. The cathedral are two-in one, one gothic and another roman, this last inside the bigger.
  22. This is an airballoon just before flying above Garrotxa area, in Catalonia, near of Barcelona.
  23. Pittsburgh skyline at (very cold) winter, from Mount Washington.
  24. Provence (France) just before lavande blossom...
  25. HDR taken during a summer storm near home. This is the hometown of the cinema director Buñuel.
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