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East Coast Nov 2011

Spent a couple of days over at the East Coast area of Malaysia. Exploring both the beaches and villages of the local people. Most of these people are generally very friendly, and would smile back at you when you take photos of them.

Weather was kind of unpredictable, due largely to the monsoon season now. However, I did get some sun here and there during my stay.

Overall, a very pleasant experience and would venture out to explore more photography opportunities if I return to this lovely place.
  1. L1002469
  2. L1002414
  3. L1002104
  4. L1002033
  5. L1002269
  6. L1002374
  7. L1001813
  8. L1001978
  9. L1002282
  10. L1002436
  11. L1002450
  12. L1002440
  13. L1002093
  14. L1002424
  15. L1002406
  16. L1002359
  17. L1001816
  18. L1001951
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