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User Name Reverse Sort Order Join Date Posts Avatar Location Occupation Biography Interests
P Wonder New Member 2nd March 2017 3          
P. Chong Senior Member 20th May 2009 406   Singapore Publisher, Author, Photographer    
pa3ck New Member 19th August 2017 0          
pabattywavjg New Member 19th July 2017 0          
PabloR Member 6th September 2016 26          
pace583 New Member 13th October 2014 0          
packaging5 New Member 31st March 2015 0          
padam Senior Member 26th March 2012 289          
padams Member 23rd May 2011 22 padams's Avatar Silicon Valley Photographer    
paint_56 New Member 16th March 2015 0   Switzerland      
palermo Member 10th November 2013 23          
pallata New Member 27th November 2014 0          
pallj New Member 21st December 2012 3          
Palmiragonzalol New Member 16th February 2020 0   Madrid Manager web   Fitness, music, reading, travelling, BTT, phtos
Palmnell New Member 23rd January 2016 10          
pamelatin New Member 5th March 2014 0          
panagiotis New Member 16th October 2016 2          
panda81 Member 14th February 2010 197          
pandes New Member 11th July 2018 2          
pankajjangir New Member 17th July 2016 0          
pano200 New Member 26th December 2014 15          
panshell New Member 15th July 2014 0          
paolo d.j. Member 18th November 2011 41   italia      
paolo21 New Member 21st October 2016 1          
paolob74 New Member 24th December 2017 0          
PAPAGENO New Member 9th September 2016 0          
papajay New Member 6th March 2019 6          
papamac58 New Member 13th March 2016 0          
paparazzi666 Member 18th April 2010 60          
papawoody New Member 9th April 2018 3   Fort Collins, CO Retired elctronics exec years old, longtime photographer, long term Nikon user but now using Fijifilm X-H1 and lenses, father of 3, grandfather of 7, greatgrandfather of 5, seasoned world traveler Education, mentoring
Parallax New Member 21st April 2015 0          
Paramveer2132 New Member 29th June 2019 0          
Paratom Super Duper
Senior Member
7th December 2007 3,888   Germany Engineer   photography, outdoor sports
parchuren New Member 8th August 2017 0          
pareshpandit New Member 2nd October 2019 0   Navi Mumbai, IN Photography & Related   Photography
Paret New Member 2nd October 2014 0          
ParksPortraits New Member 13th November 2016 2   Bangor, ME, USA Newborn Photographer I am a dad, a newborn portrait artist, and a lover of film (both still and motion picture). I currently use a Mamiya 645DF+ with a Credo 40 Digital back. I have always preferred the look of MF over 135 (36mm Full Frame) format. Oddly, I have never shot a 6x7. I have added that to my photographic bucket list, as it just seems weird to have shot medium format 645 (digital and film), 6x6, and 8x10 large format. My photographic dream is to go to Africa and photograph the wildlife and landscapes. (And not get eaten) My kids are my favorite hobby. I love being a dad.
Parltnoryik New Member 7th October 2017 0          
parrish New Member 11th May 2011 2   Sacramento, California Civil Engineer    
partitura New Member 14th January 2012 5          
paskalkea New Member 23rd December 2016 1          
pasman Member 15th May 2014 29 pasman's Avatar Russia, Novosibirsk     Music, photography
Passagere31 New Member 31st December 2012 1          
pasuay New Member 5th July 2014 13          
Pat Donnelly Member 1st March 2010 90          
Pat Gerlach New Member 22nd March 2016 1          
pat71 New Member 10th June 2016 0   Zuerich, Switzerland Consultancy for Mediamonitoring and Mediaanalysis    
patanegra New Member 2nd December 2018 0          
patashnik Member 28th December 2008 178 patashnik's Avatar        
Pater New Member 25th June 2018 0          
Pathpounder New Member 18th September 2018 0          
patk New Member 20th March 2011 17          
patmas New Member 7th February 2020 0     Photographer    
Patou New Member 2nd May 2014 4   s.e. France      
Patrick New Member 12th June 2016 0          
Patrick Collard Member 24th June 2011 33   Greenville, SC Photographer    
Patrick Kolb Member 20th March 2008 145   Portland, OR      
PatrickCheung Senior Member 23rd November 2011 334   Toronto, ON, Canada      
PatrickT New Member 15th March 2010 3          
Paul New Member 1st July 2016 0          
Paul Claesson Hasselblad Member 15th October 2008 89 Paul Claesson Hasselblad's Avatar Union, New Jersey, USA Technical Support Manager, Hasselblad Bron Inc.    
Paul David Member 22nd May 2008 94 Paul David's Avatar San Jose, CA      
Paul DeMers New Member 11th October 2019 15          
Paul Franklin New Member 17th October 2011 2   Cold Lake, Alberta CA Business Owner   Photography, Woodworking
Paul Gessler New Member 17th December 2014 0          
Paul H Member 20th October 2013 54          
Paul Hart Member 25th November 2007 20          
Paul Jameson Member 24th January 2012 24          
Paul Monaghan New Member 21st August 2015 10          
Paul R New Member 2nd January 2010 8          
Paul Spinnler Senior Member 6th December 2009 298          
Paul Steunebrink New Member 25th March 2015 3          
Paul T Member 27th July 2010 32          
Paul.N Member 12th July 2014 20   Boston Information Security    
paul25 Senior Member 16th April 2008 528   Englewood, NJ      
Paul2660 Super Duper
Senior Member
5th December 2007 2,510   Little Rock AR Photographer, Printer    
Paulbry New Member 4th January 2020 0          
PaulChance New Member 28th December 2012 3          
paulgrundy Member 15th December 2014 23   London UK Architectural Photographer    
pauli666 New Member 20th September 2018 0          
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PaulJamesBird New Member 18th January 2018 0          
paulmoore Member 25th April 2008 113   Rye, NY photographer in photography since 1972  
paulnhfmns01 New Member 7th April 2018 0          
PaulO Member 26th March 2013 58          
Paulo Pires Member 9th July 2011 24   Lisbon Graphic Designer   Photography, watchmaking
paulpul New Member 13th June 2016 0          
paulraphael Senior Member 10th March 2012 334   Brooklyn, NYC Artist / Writer    
paulrossjones New Member 21st June 2011 9          
paulster New Member 9th April 2016 0   Los Angeles      
Pault New Member 26th January 2016 0          
paulwasserman New Member 6th June 2013 2          
paulwr Member 13th December 2011 26          
Paul_Arthur New Member 26th November 2016 10   Birmingham, UK Architecture and Landscape Photographer    
Paul_Kerfoot Member 30th October 2008 188   Hurst, Texas (DFW area) Electrical Engineer (Retired) Retired after 27 years of tactical missile test and integration Potography (struggling but serious beginner) and woodturning
pavelbendov New Member 21st December 2018 0   New York, NY   Pavel Bendov is an architectural and interior photographer based in New York and Los Angeles. He specializes in documenting the building environment, interiors, residential and commercial spaces.  
pavzez New Member 16th December 2009 0          
Pawnplug New Member 14th September 2014 1          
paxrex New Member 22nd January 2015 0          
payoneerfinanzamt New Member 23rd February 2016 0   Urschendorf Administrative supervisor I like Hunting. I try to learn Vietnamese in my free time. Sand castle building, Locksport
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