I just got a new Hyperdrive Colorspace 0 yesterday for backup of my files when traveling without a laptop.

For years I have had an old Epson P-2000. It was extremely slow to copy and even worse to view RAW files. It also did not work to view the new Nikon files or the M8 files.

Now comes the new Colorspace 0, which does fully support the new Nikon files and the M8 files. It is blazingly fast in all operations. It can copy at up to 25MB/sec if the cards you are using are fast enough themselves. It also has an extremely fast and useful 100% review of the files which only takes about 3 seconds to generate. You can navigate in the photo to confirm details or critical focus.

The screen is a very nice 3.2" color unit that automatically rotates the image between landscape and portrait, depending on how you are holding the unit.

It supports all CF, all types of SD, Memory stick, and MMC cards. Other cards are supported if used via a compact flash adaptor (for example my Olympus 560 with the xD cards that I use for scuba diving).

Battery is listed to last for 120 GB of downloading.

I bought the 160GB hard drive unit, but they are available up to 250 GB or you can even buy the unit without hard drive and install your own.

It also has a USB connection to go direct to any camera, or you can plug into a cigarette lighter connector via the USB cable for car charging.

The Colorspace 0 has hardware verification to insure that files were copied correctly.

Last but not least, it also does slideshows.

Retail price is $399 on this 160GB unit.

(The usual disclaimers that I don't work for them or get any benefit from sales. - However I am very happy with my new unit.)