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Thread: Nikon 16-35 - whose got one?

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    Nikon 16-35 - whose got one?

    I've been mulling over getting the 16-35 for the few times my 24 PC-E isn't wide enough for interior shots. Would anyone with this lens please post some experiences and some photos? I am particularly interested in the barrel distortion factor at 16-21 MM.



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    Re: Nikon 16-35 - whose got one?

    When the 16-35 came out, I rushed to buy one.
    Then there was a fire sale on "old" 17-35 Nikkors and I picked up a mint one for $800.

    They are nearly equal in image quality (even more so to my eye).
    The 16-35 f/4 is lighter, longer, and has very good VR.
    The 17-35 has f/2.8 which is not a whole lot faster than the 16-35 with VR.
    But, I seldom use VR and so I sent back the 16-35 and kept the 17-35.

    I also have a 14-24.
    If you want to go even wider with better image quality, this is the lens to get.

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