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Thread: Small Trip with Nikon D50 + Zeiss 25/2.8

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    Small Trip with Nikon D50 + Zeiss 25/2.8

    Just got back from 3 days trip
    I had a lot of fun with Nikon D50 + Zeiss 25/2.8 (took about 300 pictures with this combo) I did not bring any other lens with me, only ZF 25/2.8

    Here are some of them, enjoy ^^

    The the hotel's garden

    The "thumb mountain" because the shape of the mountain is mimicking a thumb

    Then I went to the forest

    From the forest i wnt to the nearby village.
    People were staring at me!
    i had no options, I can't take pictures at this condition >_<
    i was scared that they might attack me hahahhaa
    Therefore I hold the camera on my right hand, and place it near my tummy.
    I preset the Focus, Aperture and speed.
    Candid mode ON..!!

    Then, before I left this village, I took a picture of a lady from a bridge

    She was walking to the river with the kid to take a bath ^^

    overall, I really only the performance of Nikon D50 + ZF 25/2.8
    even though this camera can't meter Ai-s type of lenses.

    Thx for looking


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    Re: Small Trip with Nikon D50 + Zeiss 25/2.8

    The D50 is a great little camera for getting excellent results straight from the raw/jpg. Nicely optimized for travel work.

    Did the Zeiss require manual or stop down metering with the D50? I've used this lens with the D2X and D3 and it's a nice combo - although the focussing is pretty slow but obviously benefits from really accurate close up adjustment.

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    Re: Small Trip with Nikon D50 + Zeiss 25/2.8

    Beautiful captures, Andree, apparently you had a nice trip to the mountains. I'm amazed you can manage to focus manually with the small, dim penta mirror viewfinder on the D50 (have it myself). Well done. Nice to see some ZF 2.8/25 shots, obviously a nice lens. That burning oof-area glow in the first one ...

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