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Thread: Waiting with GREAT anticipation my new Nikon: D1x

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    Waiting with GREAT anticipation my new Nikon: D1x

    Yup, you read it right.

    Once upon a time long long time ago, I switched to canon and went all the way up to canon 1ds mk2 and then ditched all and went full Leica where I'm now for the last 5 years and a happy camper

    But there was a camera that I did not have and always asked "what if?" and apart from that it does rate very high on camera porn

    Now found a beautiful one for a price that's almos less than a Leica lens cap and couldn't resist : it's like buying an old Porsche : there are newer better cars, go faster, corner better but charisma and what they represented in their era is something you cannot buy today. That's my new d1x : an old hero

    And i can't wait to have it, sorry had to share it !

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    Re: Waiting with GREAT anticipation my new Nikon: D1x

    Congratulations. I hope you enjoy it, and that you'll post some images. I loved mine, and sometimes wish I still had it.

    I wish that about my D100 and D200 sometimes as well. You may have triggered another buying spree for me.

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