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Thread: Withdrawn

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    Re: Nikon 28-105 at Flower Mart

    Wow, did I miss the Flower mart at the Cathedral this year? I usually try to get down there when they hold it.

    It's interesting how many of the older and often film era lenses do quite well with current DSLR's and are relative bargins. As you well know, its a matter of trying them out and see how they perform. Some real gems among them. Nice images Aboudd!

    I see the Apple Strudel girl is on the Lobster roll side of the concession stand. Maybe if she moves over to her rightful place on the Strudel Side of things, business might pick up...especially if she flashes a smile towards passing cameras as the Lobster Roll girl has done. It's all part of marketing...LOL!

    Those Asian "grilled chicken on the skewer" places have sprung up all over, as often seen during the Cherry Blossom Festival. I ultimately found them pretty bland with not much creativity/taste in their preparation or accompanied side dishes so I completely concur with your culinary assessment

    Dave (D&A)
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