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Thread: D3S and 105mm 1.8

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    D3S and 105mm 1.8

    Some were discussing the 105mm 1.8 vs the 2.5. My main reason for the 1.8 was the bokeh. Although the lens is just as sharp as the 2.5 or sharper does not really matter to me because when I use the 105 my intention is to have OOF areas enhanced with a good center subject. Hence, the bokeh is the number one factor for me.

    here are a few

    If you want to see 100% crop of the above, click on this link then click on the magnifying glass above it. For a non macro lens, it is pretty amazing!

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    Re: D3S and 105mm 1.8

    Lovely photos. I have the same lens, and find it a joy to work with

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