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Thread: Think I might get a D60

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    Think I might get a D60

    Why I hear you all cry. Well work is drying up and I want a smallish camera to wander around with, plus I like CCD sensors. I've given up on compacts since they went beyond 5mp and my last one resides with my daughter and I use it as a granddaughter shooter when I visit. see below
    Initially a couple of D700's to replace the D300's seemed the answer and if a possible new venture into wedding snapping takes off it still may well be. Never, ever, ever thought I'd do weddings but what the heck I've done most everything else and I think the bubble will burst on the extortionate price set. They did the course and bought the gear and were told 2 - 3000 a wedding will be easy money, which of course it is if you get the bookings. I snapped my nieces wedding a couple of weeks back and it went quite well, except for the till dawn session in the bar. However, that was a family thing so won't happen when I'm working. I have a friend who wants me to work alongside him, he's done high end weddings for years so he''ll know the bar drill.
    Back to the D700 and another reason I'm hesitant to get them. I really want a replacement for the 70-200, as in lighter. The 105 vr macro with VR suits me on a crop as per 150mm and although full frame gets me a good 24-70 but beyond that I'm stumped. Any advise? I won't accept a D700 and a D300 because all my working life I've always had two identical cameras, except for way back when when I had a Contax 137MA and an RTS. As a bus pass carrying citizen it's too late to change my ways. If you read this Jono the 137MA was the best ever film camera as in size with built in drive and those lovely Zeiss T* lenses. Never mind that clumpy old Nikon you mentioned
    Back to the initial D60 now. I keep a 16-85VR as an emergency backup up lens so I can put that on it and I'm away. The only alternative is a OLy 420 with the Zeiss 14-150 but that lens is a silly price for snapping.
    Well off to lunch then back to wedding files.
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