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Thread: Nikon Flash...SB-800 and SB-R200

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    Nikon Flash...SB-800 and SB-R200

    Is it possible to use the SB-800 as a wireless controller for the SB-R200 units using a non-CLS system? I would like to try a "ring-like" flash on my Hasselblad 503 using a sync cable from the lens. In reading the on-line manuals, I don't think it will work but???


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    Re: Nikon Flash...SB-800 and SB-R200

    If you could trigger the SB800 (or the SU800? - the Nikon IR control head) with a sync cable (or sync cable-dummy hot-shoe adapter) and have it in turn trigger the ring unit via IR, it would seem, on the surface, that it should work.

    The lens sync port is nothing but a simple switch that momentarily closes a low-voltage electrical contact - which is all any flash sync port is 'looking for'. You just need to find a way to mount the SB-800 so the IR signal will be within LoS of the ring unit - and the ring unto to the lens.

    Interesting - think I'll keep an eye on this thread and see how it works out.

    see this thread on
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    Re: Nikon Flash...SB-800 and SB-R200

    The SB-800 works fine with the 503CWD using a sync cable and the SB-800 in the "A" or the "M' mode. I think that I will just have to re-read the manuals again and see if it will work.

    The combination of D-300/ 105 macro/ SB-R200s works very well.


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    Re: Nikon Flash...SB-800 and SB-R200

    The answer won't work in wireless mode. The SB-800, using SU-4 mode will fire most Nikon flashes remotely but not the SB-R200s. The SB-R200 requires a CLS signal in-order to fire. The next question is.. will a wired set-up work?


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