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Thread: New Nikon MX Format?!

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    New Nikon MX Format?!

    This could go in the Nikon forum or the medium format forum

    Nikon Rumors has a "camera phone spy shot" of a document referring to Nikon MX, FX, and DX formats. The top resolution on the MX format is listed as 6380 x 6380 (40.7MP, square aspect ratio)!

    Many of you heard about Nikon's Rangefinder magazine ad about something BIG coming from Nikon,. This could be it!

    My blog entry with links to the multiple relevant Nikon Rumors posts is here ->

    The Nikon Rumors post with the spy shot photo is here ->

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    Re: New Nikon MX Format?!

    I'll give Nikon credit - even if 1/2 the rumors are true, they've come back with a vengeance and the more markets they push into the more we ALL stand to benefit.

    Sign me up for a decently-priced Nikon digital RF in M mount -- IF no AA filter.

    If (IF) Nikon enters the medium format race, even if ultimately only with partial success, it will drive some serious price competition. But to pull it off will require some serious work - no AA filters, new lenses, penetration into rentals houses, the list of 'etcs' is as long as your arm. Now that said, the could buy their way in as a starting point....

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    Re: New Nikon MX Format?!

    MX - medium format, or M-mount rangefinder?

    As a reminder, Nikon just finished a re-issuance of a rangerfinder film camera.

    If Nikon was working on a med format back they would be planning to be 2nd to whatever the camera's manfr offers. Nikon has never opted for that marketing strategy for anything. If the MX is a med format back, I would expect Nikon is entering the med format market with a med format camera...lenses...everything. Maybe, but I just not seeing it. The capital investment upfront would be phenominal...unless Nikon bought an existing MF camera technology. Kyocera?

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    Re: New Nikon MX Format?!

    Quote Originally Posted by asabet View Post
    .... something BIG coming from Nikon,. This could be it!......
    Or probably not according to those who speak Japanese and translated the accompanying writing as a shopping list for a food recipe.

    But hey - what do I know? Maybe Nikon will really go full frame and give us a 10 inch x 8 inch sensor [that will really piss off those clamouring for a 20 x 16 sensor].

    ............. Chris

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    Re: New Nikon MX Format?!

    There was an additional anonymous comment regarding the Otoji project:

    "Please be advised that the "Otoji" concept as you refer to is no longer current. Although accurate, the project in this form was abandoned over a year ago. It was deemed to be too complicated for deployment. However, selected components and concepts are being introduced in a new system which is set for release in March '09. This info was also correct.
    As others have correctly observed, some new lenses have a larger image circle than needed for 24x36.
    You should carefully assess the upcoming newly to be released (prime) lenses and realize they cover more than strictly needed. As for form factor, think E-2 but sleeker and compacter. There will not be a separate line of lenses, rather a select few that fill a dual purpose exceedingly well."

    I find these comments intriguing... what recent Nikon lenses have an oversized image circle?

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