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Thread: NPS UK?

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    NPS UK?

    Does anyone have details about NPS in the UK? I'm used to CPS service here, 3 day turnaround, etc, wondered what NPS is like and what the criteria and ease of joining is like for this pro wedding photog.
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    Re: NPS UK?

    I have found them to be excellent. I have been down to their headquarters to sort something out and it was done while I waited. You have to book in advance, I don't think you can just turn up but a phone call is all that is needed. While I was there another photographer came in with a D3 issue which couldn't be sorted that afternoon so they arranged a loan camera.
    They have an exclusive dept. for NPS photographers and I went to a product road show last week which was a good day. They keep in touch offer preferential help for supply and support to NPS card holders.
    It's easy to join, well it was for me, initially I had an NPU card and they contacted me to say I could upgrade to NPS. You have to have two Pro bodies and two Pro lenses, as I remember. You also have to prove your a working Pro but you obviously are so that shouldn't be a problem. "NPU" is Nikon Professional User which is a lesser program for owners of Pro gear who aren't working Pro's.
    I was a CPS user but that was 5 years back and they went through a bad time, moving locations and putting the dept under a different set up. No idea what they are like now but back then they had problems which have hopefully been sorted.
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