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Thread: Nikon D800 or D3x?

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    Nikon D800 or D3x?

    I'm going to get my first digital DSLR, coming from film (F6). Going to convert to monochrome >70% of the time.

    Just got started in digital (got my first digital camera only 2 months ago) and love the control over film. My present digital camera is manual focus so the SLR is for auto focus to get more candids of my family (including young kids who are not usually cooperative).

    Using LR3, now LR4, a wide gamut monitor, editing in profoto RGB and using Imageprint 9 on an Epson 3880.

    What would make one choose the D3x over the D800/E?

    I am a hobbiest and my styles are wide (sports, portrait, street, landscape) with a variety of Nikon primes.

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    Re: Nikon D800 or D3x?

    I shoot the D3s and the D3x currently and have to say I actually prefer the D3s even though the pixel density is double with the D3x.

    I do have to say that when I shoot with my Nikon it is mainly for sports, and I need the higher fps rate of the D3s. The image quality between the two is not as dramatic as I would have thought considering the D3s is 12.4MP and the D3x is 24MP.

    It may be slightly sharper when you blow the images up, but my largest prints are 11x14 and the D3s handles that with ease.

    I am awaiting a D800 which I will use for portraits and for landscape to go alongside my Tech Cam, and my friend has both the D3x and D800 and said that the rendering between D800 and the D3x is far more dramatic than between the D3x and D3s. Perhaps someone with more technical background can explain this.

    “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” — Ansel Adams

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    Re: Nikon D800 or D3x?

    Unless you need the vertical grip, I would choose the D800. It's cheaper when bought new, has all the "latest" gadgets and more resolution if needed. It's also similar in size to the F6.

    To me, and F6/D800 combo looks like a perfect match, destined to last for decades. I consider that setup myself, selling off all the FX bodies.

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