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Thread: D800 dynamic range

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    Shelby Lewis

    D800 dynamic range

    An unscientific test... ignore any posterization due to 8 bit jpeg processing.

    Took this @ ISO 100:

    Moved some sliders in Lightroom 4 and got this (8 bit jpeg posterizes slightly):

    I continue to be amazed by this sensor in my initial 24 hours with it... VERY similar in response to the Aptus II 6 I owned, but with less (NO!) noise in the shadows at ISO 100.

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    Re: D800 dynamic range

    Hmm, not bad AT ALL.

    I must admit that the D800 sensor capabilities beyond just resolution have put a cramp in my DF lens purchasing ... much as I like using the IQ back I really don't love the DF and for travel use the D800 sensor is looking very flexible.
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    Shelby Lewis

    Re: D800 dynamic range

    Tell me about it, Graham... MF-like characteristics (plus) at low ISO and this at ISO 3200. I wish the Ergos were better for my small hands, however. It's not a comfortable camera to hold IMO.

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