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Thread: Mamiya 645 lenses for shift

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    Mamiya 645 lenses for shift


    I'm considering using some Mamiya 645 lenses with a Mirex shift adapter for shift panoramas and the like, given the prices of Nikon's shift lenses and the versatility that an adapter could allow for.

    The ones of particular interest I think are the 35, 45, and 80/1.9 or 2.8; unfortunately I've yet to try any of them: what are your experiences in corner resolution/vignetting (especially in the 35 and 80/1.9)?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: Mamiya 645 lenses for shift

    I have now about all M645 lenses (exception the 3 Apos) and use them with the Mirex. My personal favourite so far: the 1,9/80 wide open and full tilt. What a fun and what a background. Highly recommended. I would say: this should be the standard lens combo for any Portrait photographer !

    Next best: use the 120mm Macro with the Mirex. Very nice combo !

    The 35mm is OK, but on the borders when shifted fully it becomes soft. Actually not a real match for something like our Hartblei 4/40mm IF Distagon. But hey that´s another pricetag.
    The 45mm is much sharper than the 35mm in the corners, so I would always preferre that, it´s also around another 100€ cheaper.

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    Re: Mamiya 645 lenses for shift

    I'd like to know more as well... I've been considering the Mirex for use with the APO 200/2.8 - to shoot highly compressed urban landscapes. While the 70-200 VRII is a better performer, it's almost impossible to get enough DOF for things like facades, unless shot almost exactly straight on or a quarter of a mile away.

    The 80/1.9 with tilt sounds intriguing... also, I bet Hassy lenses can also be used with a second adapter for M645.

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