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Thread: New Camera (D600) Workflow Question

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    New Camera (D600) Workflow Question

    I'm very likely to go for the D600 and for those on the board with experience with new cameras... a workflow question.

    I am assuming that Lightroom will not read D600 .nef files until the next update of Lightroom 4. So that in the near term it seems to leave several options.

    1. shoot jpg upload into Lightroom my version is 3 and process.
    2. convert raw .nef's in camera (I believe this is possible) into tiffs... upload into Lightroom 3 and process.
    3. Use Nikon's raw converter (Nikon View NX2)... save as tiff's and upload into Lightroom and process.

    Ultimately it looks like I will have to upgrade to LR4 to directly process .nef's once LR can handle the files.

    Are there options I'm missing?

    What have you done in working new output into your workflow?
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