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Thread: D3S + 70-200VRii + 2X TC?

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    Question D3S + 70-200VRii + 2X TC?

    I was looking into investing in a telephoto lens for sports photography, mainly motorsports (cars & bikes), but as I cannot afford a 3000+ lens made by Nikon, I'm considering slipping a 2x TC between the D3S & the 70-200VRii.

    Has anyone tried this out & with what results? Is IQ affected much? Any info would be lovely. I'm going to pop to my local camera store to try one out but as they won't let me take one out for a day, I can't really put it through its paces before spending 400 on it so would like to know what anyone who's used one thinks. Thanks in advance!

    I'm talking about the newest 2X TC from Nikon by the way

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    Re: D3S + 70-200VRii + 2X TC?

    You have a nice set up for motor sports D3S and 70-200Vr2 . The 2x is not a substitute for the 400/2.8VR or the 600/4 .

    The 2x is the only one of the 3 tele extenders that has been updated . Its the best optically but 2x is more of a challenge than 1.4 or 1.7 . I found you could mate the 70-200 with the 2x and have a decent but not great IQ..most noticeable will be loss of contrast and edge sharpness. In addition you lose lens speed without increasing DOF .

    I found that if (1) you stop down to F4 on the 70-200 effective T8-9 and(2) stay short of a full zoom of 200 ..maybe stay at 180 . Then the IQ is good ..but can you get adequate shutter speed using T9 . 1/2000 is a good goal and you probably need 1/4000 what Iso will you need . Now compare that to the F2.8 /T3 you have on the 70-200/2.8VR2 and you will want to use the lens native .

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