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Thread: Nikon 28mm f1.8 Lens Anomolies

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    Nikon 28mm f1.8 Lens Anomolies

    Although there was a post back in May started by Tim Ashley I thought I would give my initial thoughts regarding the Nikon 28mm f1.8 especially since Tim had mentioned in his post that he saw what may be what I am seeing in my sample. My very small dealer had one in stock and convinced me to try it out. To make a long story short I am as dissappointed with this lens as I am excited about the 85mm f1.8. What was/is most interesting about this lens is that it exhibted a completely out of focus area about 1/3 of the way in on the left hand side which was somewhat replicated on the right hand side. The edges and center were in focus. Almost as if though the lens itself had a wave in it...... very unusual!

    Needless to say I did not purchase the lens and suggested to my dealer that he have it replaced.

    I would post samples but it must be seen at 100% pixels to reveal this unbelievable flaw and it must be seen while panning across the image.
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    Re: Nikon 28mm f1.8 Lens Anomolies

    I observed a similar problem and was extremely disappointed about the cheap construction and sloppy manual focus. Returned mine too. Very disappointing to see Nikon release something of this quality.

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