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Thread: MF lenses on a D600/D800

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    MF lenses on a D600/D800

    I have just taken possession of a Sunagor "multi macro" 135/2.8 of about 1980s vintage. I remember Sunagor being a cheap lens option of dubious quality but thought that no-one can really go wrong with a 135mm.

    This one was won on Ebay fairly cheaply and despite some negative reports on this lens, I have to say that so far I'm very pleased. I'll get around to posting some pictures soonish, but for what I want it for (candid portraits), I think it's going to be a winner.

    Lots of people seem to put all kinds of lenses on their NEX cameras and it hadn't occurred to me to try one on my Nikons, but so far I have had some pretty good results. CA may be an issue with this cheap old lens (we'll see) but as I'll probably be using it in lowish light, I'll probably be alright.

    So, have any of you revived an old lens on your Nikon and what was your experience?

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    Re: MF lenses on a D600/D800

    It's a mixed bag - there are a couple of Nikon MF lenses that are just excellent on a D800E. The 105mm 2.5 is a hit, and so is the 400mm 3.5. The 28mm 2.0 is not too shabby.

    There is a 40K+ thread about this subject on Manual Focus Nikon Glass - FM Forums

    In terms of cheap options, I use 35mm and 85mm Samyangs on my D800E for fun, and they are definitely worth the (limited) investment.

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