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I completely agree with Jack's assessment. The Df sensor and it's output, color pallet, the way it renders and presents a very pleasing image, it's high ISO performance...has by far by in my humble opinion, the best output of any Nikon DSLR to date, bar none (excluding perhaps the D4s). Of course lens selection and how the RAW files are adjusted as well as RAW converter employed can play a major role, but when I've employed the same exact few test lenses across the board with each successive Nikon DSLR since the days of the hybrid Nikon/Fuji E2s,

I personally feel the Df, output wise is without equal among Nikon DSLR's, except possibly the D4s. By the numbers it may not measure the best, but much like a lot of Leica lenses, specifically referring to Mandler designed optics, there is a difference between what's exceptionally pleasing vs. what might measure the best, but that might not equate with what looks the best.

This often is very subjective and not everyone might agree, so what I've posted is simply my own personal opinion.

Dave (D&A)
I agree, from the pictures I have seen, there is a certain "touch" or perhaps we can call it velvet smooth pictures, and that is what I am after (and also fine colors, even the iso goes up)but not if there are troubles in paradise with low light AF= I look forward to the answer from Kurt.