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Thread: Wireless Flash Options ( Battery Operated )

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    Wireless Flash Options ( Battery Operated )

    Hello :

    I am looking to purchase Battery Operated Flash Units ( not necessary Nikon branded ) that can be manually controlled ( say, from Full Power to 1/32nd or even 1/64th power ) for which I have the following questions :

    1. How can they all ( say, 8 to 10 units ) be Wireless-ly sync-ed ?

    2. Although manual control is what I wish, having TTL option in addition to manual may not be a bad idea.

    3. Any flash brands & models other than Nikon that would take on professional use, seek your recommendations based on the above requirements ?

    4. For Flash Output to be converted to Tungsten ( 3400˚ k ) which is the recommended Filter 1. Full C.T. Orange, 2. Three-Quarters C.T. Orange, 3. Half C.T. Orange OR 4. Another Filter ?

    5. Same question as no. 4., but converting Flash Output to 3200˚ K ?

    Shall await your replies -

    Thanks in advance !


    ps : Question maybe cross-posted.
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    Re: Wireless Flash Options ( Battery Operated )

    Check out Phottix Mitros+ line of speedlights. They are TTL compatible with Nikon CLS and also feature 100m 360 degree range via radio frequency along with every flash being an Odin transceiver. Excellent value for the money.

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