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Thread: A Nikon users thoughts on the Canon 7dii

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    A Nikon users thoughts on the Canon 7dii

    The new 7D11 is no doubt an impressive camera, as is evident in this promo, and a couple of features would have been great on the D750 or D7100.

    I found it interesting to read Brad Hill's comments, as a Pro-Nikon nature photographer….

    22 Sept 2014: The Canon 7D MkII: Nikon - Please Take Note!
    Over the last few years the "missing camera" from Nikon's lineup that I've received the most email about (mostly asking if I think Nikon is going to produce it) has been a "flagship" level DX camera. Most refer to it as the D400. For whatever reason, Nikon seems to have decided that pros or serious enthusiasts only want (need?) great FX cameras, and not great DX cameras.

    Well Nikon, Canon has made it really easy for you to spec the camera of the dreams of many Nikon shooters - simply take the recently announced 7D MkII and "Nikonify" it. The specs on that camera look just fantastic - exactly what a Nikon-shooting wildlife photographer would want.

    During the Nikonification of the 7D Mk II, here's a few things to keep in mind:

    • Please, please, please don't disable it by putting in a crazy small buffer (think D7100). Minimum of 24-image buffer at fastest frame rate please.
    • Please ensure that it is compatible with the batteries in the D4/D4s, at least in the optional battery grip.
    • Make sure it can accept the same data cards as the D4/D4s (at least ONE of them overlapping in type - and my vote would be for XQD).
    • Eyepiece: round please.

    • Make it tough and very well environmentally sealed - preferably with Japanese manufacturing.

    A final note - over the years I've had a lot of clients bringing the original 7D on my photo tours into the Great Bear Rainforest. Very commonly, the 7D's have struggled with the moisture, with the majority of them simply failing (until being dried out overnight). This included cameras used with quality rain covers and not directly exposed to any rain (i.e., they shut down due to humidity alone). For the sake of future buyers of the 7D MkII I'm hoping Canon has addressed this issue. And, of course, the Nikonified version should be moisture-resistant too!

    Good job Canon. This is one Nikon-shooting wildlife photographer that is more than a little envious of the 7D MkII.

    Hopefully Nikon will pay heed…. I want a new bit of gear that can handle 8fps other than my trusty D700….
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    Re: A Nikon users thoughts on the Canon 7dii

    Interesting comments.

    For my work, the D800/D810 in DX mode gets the job done. I don't have the frame rate of the 7D MKII, but 5 to 6fps is enough for me. The EFC feature is excellent for macro work and large wildlife once you get used to it. Plus the shutter is very quiet in normal mode, even when firing fast. The buffer is faster now also.

    The 1.6 crop of the 7D MKII is wonderful for macro and wildlife, but limits it's use in other areas.

    No doubt Nikon is a bit behind the curve with the 7100 and may not be making that move for a while.


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