First, new to the forum. Hello all. I'm a mostly film but some digital shooter from Brooklyn. I shoot weddings and various kinds of personal projects. Graduated with a BA in Photography from Southern Illinois University in 2007, Go Salukis!

I have and love the 58mm 1.4G. I use it about 90% of my wedding day, with the 35mm Sigmalux mixed in for more reportage style shooting. I use it on a Df, which has a not-awesome focusing system, but I occasionally rent the D750, which focuses marvelously.

My observation now after using multiple bodies is that it seems like, at 1.4, at a distance greater than 10 feet or so it significantly front focuses. Has anyone else experienced this? I've found it to be pretty consistent in this regard. When I back up to do a full body portrait the focal plane is almost always maybe 2-4 feet in front of my subject. Stopping down helps this problem but of course we bought the 58mm 1.4 for the beauty of the thing wide open. Close up, I don't seem to have this issue. I can get sharp eyes without too much difficulty, and my detail shots are sharp where I want them to be. I confirmed this with a focus test using a book when I was calibrating with the AF adjustment tool. So at close distances it is 0. However far, it might be up to +20. I recently tried a 2nd copy of the 58 at a store and observed the same thing.

I'm concerned that if I have it factory calibrated it'll throw off the great close range accuracy. Has this been discussed or observed before?

Thanks in advance.