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Thread: AFS 300/2.8 VR II + converter vs. AFS 400/2.8 VR ?

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    AFS 300/2.8 VR II + converter vs. AFS 400/2.8 VR ?

    Hi all,

    Do you have some feedback about the comparison of these 2 lenses ? The 300/2.8 VR II has a big advantage to be lighter and more compact and also a stellar performer but the 400/2.8 VR is often shown a stellar performer too, even with converters...

    I have the opportunity to get demo models of each of these lenses at about the same price (which is a bargain for the 400/2.8 VR!)...

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Note : I use a D4s.

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    Re: AFS 300/2.8 VR II + converter vs. AFS 400/2.8 VR ?

    I only have experience with the 300mm F2.8, which is a stellar lens - and handles well with TC's.
    The 400mm f2.8 is superb as well, although quite a bit heftier.
    Both lenses are best without TC's.
    Query - what are you after....what subject matter do you want to photograph?
    If you need more reach - go for the 400mm - but even that may not be enough - you may need to look at a 500 or 600mm.
    If you like a small package - try the 300mm - but in that case also have a serious look at the 300mm f4.0 PF.

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    Re: AFS 300/2.8 VR II + converter vs. AFS 400/2.8 VR ?

    From my experience (own and use both lenses) the 400/2.8 Vr is much better than the 300/2.8 with the 1.4 converter . If you will be shooting primarily at 400mm I would advise you to buy the 400/2.8 .

    Nikon has a newer version of the 400/2.8 that is lighter and has essentially the same overall performance sure to check the Nikon website and read a few tests on the new lens . You don t but a super telephoto all that often and you can expect to have it a long time .

    At the 300mm FOV I went to the smaller portable 300/4 FE lens ..because I can take it into places where the super telephotos would be a issue . I have to work harder in post processing to get the results I want but they can still be quite excellent .
    Roger Dunham
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