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Thread: Z6 and Z7 in-body VR with adapted lenses

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    Z6 and Z7 in-body VR with adapted lenses

    I just discovered with my Leica M Tele-Elmar 135/4 that if I enter non-CPU lens data for it, in-body VR becomes enabled. Apparently the VR system needs the focal length. Without the data, no VR.

    I think my use pattern will be to pre-set U1/U2/U3 for non-chipped lenses, basically enable peaking support, the proper lens data, zoom on OK, etc, in A mode (since that's pretty much all I shoot). Then when I swap lenses just turn the dial. Then back to "A" for chipped F or S mount lenses. This way I can set it up in advance when I pack the bag.

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    Re: Z6 and Z7 in-body VR with adapted lenses

    I've set the CPU lens data and zoom function to the Fn. 1 and Fn.2 buttons on the front. This way I can access the CPU data quickly and use the zoom function for MF. Peaking is always set to on. A firmware update for the Z's is set to launch in mid May and lens/camera rebates on 4/28. I don't think it's confirmed, but $600 off the Z7 and $200 off the Z6. Here's a link...

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