Most forums seem to be full of the angst and complaints about the camera manufacturers these days so I thought I'd just like to let folks know of a very positive experience I just had with Nikon Service!

A few months back I hit the hood of my 14-24 under freezing conditions and it basically detonated into multiple shards, a couple of which hit & marked the front element. Anyway, I fixed it up with super glue and gaffer tape and it's been fine for months with the occasional annoying extra flare in extreme front lighting situations so it was time to send off to Nikon service for repair.

Just over two weeks turnaround and it came back with a replaced hood, helicoid and new front element and seems to be even sharper than the old lens. Total cost, including the front element we're all concerned about, $255. That was a LOT less than I expected to be quoted and I was prepared to get a new lens. Kudos to Nikon El Segundo!