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Thread: Missed the Decisive Moment? Who cares.

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    Missed the Decisive Moment? Who cares.

    Just browse through all the other shots: "But this Casio can snap — are you ready for this? — 60 photos a second. These are not movies; these are full six-megapixel photographs, each with enough resolution for a poster-size print."

    "After such a burst, you’re offered three options: delete all 60 shots, keep all 60, or review them and pluck out the individual frames worth keeping. The whole batch begins to play like a flip-book movie; you control playback with a back-panel control dial. As you watch, you press the shutter button once to identify each frame you want to keep; the rest will be discarded."

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    Re: Missed the Decisive Moment? Who cares.

    And to think, all those years spent with a Nikon F3, when I should have just loaded Tri-X into an Arriflex!

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