Yesterday I turned in my 2+ year old Canon HV20 video camera to Canon. The built in lens cap no longer opens. The are a couple of fixed on the the Internet which did not help me. The other fix was to open the camera which I'm not comfortable doing. Internet post say it is due to dirt. Many of their products have this mechanism and the problem occurs in many products.

Today, I turned in my Canon 5DMKII which is only days out of warranty. My local camera store says that SOMETIMES Canon will be kind enough to fix something if the warranty recently expired. I'm hoping to get lucky. I'm getting ERROR 20 and all the recommended fixes don't help me. They say to turn it off and on, reformat the card, or reinstall the battery. I have missed many photo opportunities due to this problem. I could not imagine a $2500 camera would have trouble after I've owned a trouble free $1500 30D for years. I just hope Canon doesn't just send it back and say I have to pay for service. I've read that Canon has replaced the shutter box for others with this problem as a guess. They don't seem to know how to fix it. Also, it happens to randomly that I'm afraid that they will not be able to replicate the problem. I personally can't replicate the problem either. It just happens at the worse time. It happened up in the mountains two weeks ago and it happened at a wedding shoot last Saturday.

Wish me luck. I can't really afford to repair anything right now. I hope they go easy on me.