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Thread: Polaroids!!!

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    Well i'm trying to source a Polaroid for my girlfriend. One of those 'vintageish' one's.

    My issue is 600 film now cost a left n*t, so i'm wondering what you guys would recommend since i know she will 'shoot' a lot.

    We have looked at the new Polaroid 300 but its... well its ugly and uses a weird format of polaroids (not to mention a +$100 price tag for the camera alone).


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    Re: Polaroids!!!

    The only 600 or SX/70 integral film you can get new is from the Impossible Project and that stuff also costs a left n*t and is lousy to work with. It is pretty much experimental at this point and costs $21 for 8 frames. So unless she is willing to work with overpriced "beta" film or expired stock off of eBay, steer clear of purchasing a "vintage" polaroid. Although they do look nice on the shelf.

    The easiest way to get an integral "polaroid" film experience is with the Fuji Instax 210. The Polaroid 300 is actually a rebranded Fuji Instax Mini 7s and you are wise to avoid it. It uses small format film stock and the camera is a joke. The 210 isn't exactly a looker but it outputs nice wide format integral film that is comparable to the Polaroid 600 stuff. The film is relatively cheap and easy to find.

    You might also look at getting a land camera such as the Polaroid 450 (fully automatic and cheap) or one of the fully manual models with a relatively fast 3.5 lens - the 180, 185, 195 models (those are pretty pricey). You can get Fuji pack film new from camera stores and online for $1-$2 per frame depending on your source. Color or B/W

    Google "the land list" for a good source of information about all things Polaroid...

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    Re: Polaroids!!!

    Exactly what i needed to steer myself back.


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