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Thread: Increasing File sizes and computers .

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    Increasing File sizes and computers .

    Every year , file sizes for DSLRs increase , so that it seems we have to buy even more expensive computers for storage / processing .

    Sometimes I wish that manufacturerers would continue to improve and optimise say 10meg sensors which are more storage friendly than the 16 meg + sensors currently appearing .

    Am I alone in this ?


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    Re: Increasing File sizes and computers .

    I'm not sure I agree. While I do understand that it would be nice to buy one computer that would last ten years, the speed, capability, and cost of storage have all been improved to a point that allows for a longer interval before having to upgrade.

    That assumes that when you buy a computer, you buy one that's near the top end and includes easy expansion. I think of computers as an integral part of photography now in the same way I used to think of darkroom equipment and supplies.

    The costs for things like RAM and hard drive storage have come way down. With a machine that includes expansion for both of those, it's relatively inexpensive to simply add more RAM and as many external storage devices as needed. Granted, it's easier if you're running on a tower or "desktop" computer and maybe not as easy on a laptop, but my sense of those is that there's more frequent turnover anyway as lighter, faster units come onto the market.


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    Re: Increasing File sizes and computers .

    Well, every year, computers get faster and disks larger without any increase in price, so the cost seems to be constant. I do agree though that less would do it for most people, but what is the question I still get regularly about my camera gear? How many megapixels.

    People want more because they think it's better. So, they get more. Add to that a list of umpteen acronyms that hardly anybody knows the meaning of, and you have the perfect camera for Johnny Normal

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