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Thread: Digital sensor in a 35mm camera?

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    Digital sensor in a 35mm camera?

    A number of years ago I read about Kodak working on a device that could be loaded into the film chamber of a 35mm camera that would allow digital images to be recorded with the camera. Sort of like the equivalent of a digital back for MF and LF cameras I guess. Has anyone heard about any progress on this project or other companies doing something similar? Hopefully it allows full frame coverage of any lenses used on the camera. My other main concern is - cost.

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    Re: Digital sensor in a 35mm camera?

    No, certainly not a universal fitting one with high resolution, besides if it were, high resolution, you would probably not like the performance as digital puts more demands on the accuracy of focusing and other bits such as angle of incidence.
    As for cost, I am sure that if it pleases on quality, it will not on cost.

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    Re: Digital sensor in a 35mm camera?

    No way. Too many cost and technical problems. Even such seemingly minor issues such as turning it on and off and providing power. I see it as technically feasible but completely impractical.

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