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Thread: Ricoh GXR - A12-M with Micro-Nikkor 200mm

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    Ricoh GXR - A12-M with Micro-Nikkor 200mm

    Thought others might like to see a nice long Nikon like this fitted to the GXR.

    A Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4 IF :: It is in near new condition ... there's not a mark on it! ... and the aperture and focus controls are silky smooth and wonderful. It's a long, slender lens, not overly heavy, with a robust tripod mounting foot. It balances well in the hand, but obviously such a long focal length works best when mounted on a sturdy tripod, particularly at macro focusing distances (close focus 1:2 magnification at 2.3 feet). Here are a couple of beauty shots with it fitted to the GXR-M via a Rayqual Nikon->M Bayonet adapter:

    I took a couple of quickie test shots at distance with it too. The focusing is biased to its primary purpose, macro work, so is very quick in the infinity to 20 foot range, but it moves so precisely it is not hard to focus accurately.

    Captured raw, output with no adjustments applied in Lightroom 3.5, ISO 320 @ f/8 @ 1/4 second (on the tripod of course):

    Here's a 1:1 detail clip from the above frame:

    This is quite a long focal length for my usual work but I have some ideas for long tele photos in mind. I decided to go for the Micro-Nikkor over other longish lens choices as a macro-capability is always useful. I owned one of these lenses in the past and was always impressed with its build and imaging qualities, it was a delight to find such a clean example available; it's as if my old lens, bought new in 1983, just came out of the cabinet. :-)

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    Re: Ricoh GXR - A12-M with Micro-Nikkor 200mm

    That really is nice, Godfrey

    Look forward to seeing some images with it


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