Hello everyone,

we are delighted to announce our most ambitious project yet :


United Kingdom -- Oct. 6, 2008 -- A collaboration of one hundred photographers from around the world has culminated in a ground-breaking exhibition of photography.

Organised by the Olympus Photo Safari Group, this major event aims to draw attention back to the quality of the printed photographic image. Breaking new ground in worldwide collaboration, the presentation will feature more than 120 16x12" high quality prints, representing highlights of 600 images contributed by 100 talented photographers, from around the globe.

The exhibition will run from Tuesday 25th to Sunday 30th November at the 'View from the Top' art gallery in Nottingham, central UK.

The group are proud to mark the occasion, with the launch of their first photographic book and DVD, which will present stunning examples of photography by passionate photographers worldwide, using Olympus E-System cameras.
Brian Mosley, founder of the Olympus Photo Safari Group said today :

"This exhibition celebrates the group's first year of incredible growth, and offers a clear message to the industry - please listen to what passionate photographers want from their camera equipment.

Our members believe that Olympus provide the best solution for the serious photographer with their designed for digital E-System cameras and most importantly the exceptional quality of the light weight Zuiko lenses. This combination provides us with the capability to produce truly outstanding images. The group also acknowledges that Olympus will have to work hard to maintain their lead over the competition with regard to tough, compact and inspirational cameras.

The Olympus Photo Safari Group is building a strong, interdependent relationship with Olympus, which will help Olympus to stay focused on what our members need to improve their photography."
Full details and live updates on the exhibition will be posted here :

The Olympus Photo Safari Group is a worldwide network of passionate photographers who appreciate the value of shooting with Olympus DSLRs. Group members regularly organise free events where they can meet each other socially, enjoy shooting interesting subjects and improve their skills through peer-to-peer coaching.

We believe this is a unique project, and will be making further exciting announcements leading up to the exhibition. If you would like to be involved, there is still time - please register with the group here : http://www.ukphotosafari.org/join-the-ukpsg/

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