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Thread: DP2M Remote Trigger Help + Intervalometer

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    DP2M Remote Trigger Help + Intervalometer

    Hello, I'm going to try and use a Sigma DP2 Merril as an aerial camera in a drone this summer. I think the DP2M will be an absolutely fabulous aerial camera because of it's resolution, low distortion and corner to corner sharpness. But I've got a couple problems:
    1. There is no remote trigger for the camera that I can find. Has someone found a workaround? Worst case scenario is that I have to mount a servo next to the shutter release. Has anyone cracked one of these cameras open? Just thinking that it might be possible to hard-wire an electric trigger.
    2. Intervalometer. On my camera the intervalometer is restricted to 99 images!? Am I missing something? How can I extend the intervalometer to a few hundred images?
    3. Has anyone tried using a large external lipo to extend the number shots to a few hundred?
    4. Looking for a contact name of someone at Sigma that could answer questions about the internals of the camera.

    My gut tells me that this camera will be fabulous for aerial mapping.

    Cheers, Peter

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    Re: DP2M Remote Trigger Help + Intervalometer

    Good luck with your project, I think there is potential for some amazing images.
    I don't think you need to open the camera up to add more power.
    They make an SAC-5 power adapter that would allow a larger lipo battery.

    AC Adapter SAC-5 for the DP Merrill bodies | Sigma


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    Re: DP2M Remote Trigger Help + Intervalometer

    I wonder if the Gigapan shutter servo could be adapted to work?

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