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Thread: The Sigma announcement I'd like to see.

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    The Sigma announcement I'd like to see.

    While it looks like the big Sigma announcement may just be a lens mount service the possibility of something bigger certainly created a buzz. So with that here's what I would have hoped for.

    A DP1.5 Merrill with the following features:

    A 23.5mm f1.4 lens (or f1.8 or 2.0) lens. (I really love this P.O.V.)

    A built-in 2.4 mega-dot OLED EVF.

    A larger battery or a grip with a battery option.

    Faster CDAF.

    A fully-articulating sideways mounted LCD (like what Panasonic G and GH cameras have).

    While FF would be nice, I'm actually okay keeping the sensor size at APS-C. And while I'd certainly love to see better noise performance at higher ISO's I'm also actually okay with current issues which limits color shots to ISO 400 and lower. BW I find exceptional to ISO 3200 (when you isolate blue channel information using SPP). Having a faster lens would certainly help. (In fact, using it for BW you'd have one inexpensive challenger to the Leica M Monochrom!)

    Just some thoughts. (It's probably way to modest and could go much further. But I'm a simple sort.)
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    Re: The Sigma announcement I'd like to see.

    I'm glad you started this thread. I like your suggestions Peter!

    Considering the Merrill range as it is now it does beg the questions Sigma and Foveon -- where to now? How could they improve?

    A Full Frame Foveon? Seems quite extreme, imagine the challenges, it may make the lens design a big problem for them. Would we accept a larger camera? Would this compete more in the MF space?

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    Re: The Sigma announcement I'd like to see.

    Btw...does anybody know whether a hot shoe mounted external EVF - in theory - could work on the DPMs? I would be more than happy with such an option already...

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