This isn't really specific to any camera brand, and GetDPI doesn't seem to have a dedicated lens forum (?!?) but I was intrigued by this reported press release today about the return of the Vivitar brand name under its new owner, Sakar.

Now, a lot of the items in the release are just rehashes or me-too merchandise, but this one tripped my trigger:

lso new to the Vivitar family are Sakar's:
Vivitar Series 1 Lenses for Digital SLRs (SRP $149.95 to $399.9), including an 85mm F1.4A spherical lens for portraits
I'm pretty sure that "F1.4A spherical lens" is some marketing lame-brain's typo for "f/1.4 Aspherical lens," and if the SRP really does come in at "$399.9", that's potentially a very interesting development... assuming, of course, that "for portraits" simply refers to the focal length and isn't devious marketing shorthand for "fuzzy."

Unfortunately, the release does say "usable on both film and digital SLR cameras," but gives no other details on such key points as focusing (manual or auto?), aperture coupling, or available camera mounts (hey, Sakar, don't forget Four Thirds!) And of course if it's crummy, scratchy and janky, that wouldn't be much fun. Still, a new 85/1.4 aspheric for four hundred bucks... gotta be worth at least a look.

Actually, I'm kinda stoked that ANY third-party manufacturer is interested in introducing new single-focal-length lenses -- especially wide-aperture medium teles, of which there were never very many non-manufacturer options even back in the '70s heyday of third-party lenses (I recall a 100mm f/2 Soligor, but not much of anything else under 135mm.)

Anyone else find this intriguing? Or appalling? Or...?