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Thread: SPP raw processing: undo button??

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    SPP raw processing: undo button??

    There are quite a few instances that I prefer the "before" file (the one that is displayed in SPP while the file is being processed) to the completed version.

    IMO SPP goes overboard in a clarity-like setting.

    Is there a way to turn off the automatic processing of Raw files altogether or a way to get back (or close) to the way the original file looked?

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    Re: SPP raw processing: undo button??

    I'm a little surprised noone cared so far. I have to admit I don't know a way extracting a preview-like 16 bit TIFF file neither, but at least the JPEG you mentioned (used as preview in SPP and in camera) can be extracted quickly. This may also help to judge sharpness of your images, since most viewers are not able to show the embedded X3F-JPEG and SPP is quite slow with processing (which you don't even like ). And I'm always complaining about the Sigma DP cameras not being able to browse images on 100% view constantly. One always has to zoom each picture ... :-/

    Well, back to your semi solution: I recommend using Roland's Proxel X3F Tools. Download it and call
    x3f_extract -jpg foo.x3f
    from command line because this way you can extract many JPEGs in a row ... The JPEGs will be there almost immediately. =) DCRaw might be a second and more graphical way.

    I just did some research on this, and found out, you only have to move/remove the icc-profiles out of the Sigma/ICC-folder! With processing options "x3f" next to Auto/Custom I'm now able to produce a more detailed TIFF with colors and wb just like the JPEG processed in camera!
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