Look what's baaaaaaack...

Yup, Endgadget is reporting today that my all-time favorite digital camera, the Epson R-D 1, will be reincarnated in April.

The rumor sites are saying the only changes are a fixed 2.5" LCD (rather than the previous fold-over LCD, which means users will need to start carrying a microfiber cloth to wipe nose prints off the LCD every few minutes), the ability to use SDHC cards (finally able to get above the 2gb barrier) and improvements to the EDiART processor (which I hope means more raw shots before you have to stop and wait for the buffer to flush... and which I hope does NOT mean changes to the beautifully smooth, film-like look that characterized R-D 1 images.)

All at a more recession-friendly price of around $2,000 -- which may sound like a lot, but still beats the original $3,000 price I paid for my R-D 1, which at the time was the most expensive thing I had ever bought that didn't require license plates. Since then, I have literally used the R-D 1 enough to wear the front covers off it, so I feel I've gotten a good return on my investment... but still, it's nice that they're coming in lower this time.

(And yes, some people will say that's a ridiculous price for "only" a 6-megapixel camera -- but to those who say six megapixels aren't enough, I say this.)

Maybe the best news, though, is that this means Epson will have to keep making extra batteries and spare parts that, presumably, also will support the previous R-D 1 and R-D 1s models.