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Thread: GR with IBIS possible Hi-Res ?

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    GR with IBIS possible Hi-Res ?

    I was wondering if the new 24Mp GR III with its 3 way IBIS could possibly be able to have a Hi-Res mode like the EM1.2 has ?
    Is this just a matter of software which may mean licensing the patent but is there any reason why the GR III now could not have this.

    The idea of 50 Mpixel in the size of a pack of cards is enticing.

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    Re: GR with IBIS possible Hi-Res ?

    It is very much possible. Pentax/Ricoh have the technology as well.
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    Re: GR with IBIS possible Hi-Res ?

    Yes, that would be an exciting option to have on such a small camera. I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but "Pixel Shift" on the Pentax cameras, and "Hi-Res" on the Olympus utilize 5 axis stabilization while the GR III has 3 axis stabilization. So I don't know if that feature will work with 3 axis... Either way I will purchase the GR III as soon as its available.....
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