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Thread: SLR Camera related question.. which one's the best?

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    SLR Camera related question.. which one's the best?

    I am looking to buy a Konica minolta Dynax 5D (Digital SLR camera) priced at 7280 HKD at comes with a 18-70mm lens

    Before i make my final decision...i sought out help from u all!
    I have a few questions which i am posting here...

    1. Between the Canon EOS 350 D,the Konica minolta Dynax 5D and the Nikon D 50...does anyone have ideas which is a better one from personal experience??I am a starter and so not lookin for a professional one..

    2. Is fortress/broadway the best place i can buy the camera in terms of warranty and best price?Or is it safe to pick it up at mong kok or other places?

    3. How would you rate the Sony DSC R1 which is a SLR-like camera in comparison to the three i have mentioned above?

    I look forward for help from u all!
    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: SLR Camera related question.. which one's the best?

    I used to have a Canon 300D which was my first dSLR camera. It's a good "starter" camera for those looking at dSLR but there are many great cameras. I don't have experience with the others you mentioned.

    You could probably get an Olympus E4xx or 5xx kit for a little bit of nothing these days since newer models are coming soon. You could also go for a newer design Nikon (D40, D60), Sony (a300, a350) or Canon (400D, 450D) for close to the same price as the Olympus.

    I personally don't believe in the whole starter camera idea though. I say buy the best equipment you can afford that fits your needs and worry about the other stuff later. You can't take your money with you when you die and you will inevitably buy "better" gear later. Have fun shooting. When it comes to bride cameras they will never be quite as versatile as a real SLR but they are good alternatives if one fits your needs. SLR's just give you a bit more flexibility in how you shoot because of the lenses.
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    Re: SLR Camera related question.. which one's the best?

    7280 HKD sounds expensive for a Dynax 5D (assuming HKD is Hong Kong dollars). The camera has been out of production for several years. Most current cameras are very good. I would have a look at Nikon D60, Olympus E-510 or 520 ore one of the current Sony, Canon or Pentax models. Check prices at several places, and choose a reputable dealer.

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    Re: SLR Camera related question.. which one's the best?

    I've ordered a cool digital camera from there. .

    Payment was via Paypal only $107, so I feel pretty safe on that count. The site looks pretty professional and they have been reasonable in replying to emails.

    Anyone actually dealt with them?

    I normally buy from the (in)famous DealExtreme, but they didn't have this model.

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