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Thread: Some possible good news for R-D1 owners

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    Ranger 9

    Some possible good news for R-D1 owners

    This post in Japan Exposures proprietor Dirk Rösler's blog includes some remarks about his non-enthusiasm for the new Epson R-D1x. After reading it, though, I posted a comment expressing the hope that the appearance of the new model meant Epson might start supplying spare batteries again, and asking if he'd consider selling them if they did.

    Today I got a reply:

    "Hi, there will most certainly be replacement batteries and I happily offer them, let me research a little..."

    So keep an eye on the Japan Exposures website and if we're lucky, Epson batteries may materialize!

    For those who wonder why this is a big deal for R-D1 users: many of us have found that while third-party sellers offer batteries of the same size and voltage, the OEM Epson battery has more capacity and more peak power, which translates to more reliable camera performance and more shots per charge. Epson USA no longer offers spare batteries for the R-D 1 models, so I'm hoping Dirk can make them available.

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    Ranger 9

    Update: They're here!!!

    Japan Exposures now offers genuine Epson R-D1 batteries.

    Dirk said in an email that they're readily available.

    Sure, they're pricey compared to the third-party generics, but I haven't found anything else that performs like the Epson battery.

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