Mine hasn't even arrived yet and I'm already thinking about manually focused lenses (both legacy and new) on the K-5.

I, like many others, have had major joy mounting legacy glass on the m4/3 camera system . I have had less joy () mounting MF lenses on my 5DII. The main reasons are the optical viewfinder, especially in low light, and aging eyes...(hehe....a few years ago, I never thought I'd be writing this).

On the 5DII, I tried the Brightscreen split focus prism screen....didn't work all that wonderfully and messed up the exposure settings using certain lenses. Focus confirmation chips on adapter rings are a joke....ok for transferring some EXIF data, but not for critical focus.

Still, there are some MF lenses on the 5DII that are really nice.

I assume that the K-5 with its optical viewfinder will pretty much the same situation.

Anyone have any experiences they would like to share? What legacy lenses can be mounted (looks like anything with a M42 mount for starters....YEAH Taks and CZJ's!!). Anyone convert any lenses to mount (like my C/Y CZ's via a Leitax conversion)? How about the new Zeiss ZK lenses?

Or should I just be happy with a great autofocusing camera?

Comments kindly appreciated.....R