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Thread: Fun with old non-Pentax/Asahi manual glass

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    Fun with old non-Pentax/Asahi manual glass

    What are your favorite old non-Pentax manual lenses for Pentax DSLRs? I'm not much of a MF user myself, but during the last years I've bought some cheap ones just for fun. This first attached picture was taken with old Russian glass, the Helios 44K (K mount, not M42 like most) and the K200D that I had last year. Not so bad stopped down. Amongst my other MF lenses is a well thought-of Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm (Komine) zoom, but being such a heavy pump zoom, it's not very practical. The second picture including a shy somewhat bigger mammal just a few hundred meters from our house was taken with the Vivitar and my K20D. Did not quite succeed with focusing quickly.

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    Re: Fun with old non-Pentax/Asahi manual glass

    This ought to be a very interesting thread...thanks for bringing it up...maybe someone will be providing information about adapters for these old timers to the K-5.

    Roy Benson

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