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Thread: Great article on focus using fast glass

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    Great article on focus using fast glass

    What do you think? I definitely notice an improvement in focus when following this process. It's one of the reasons I like the k5 as it's very easy to do on this camera.


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    Re: Great article on focus using fast glass

    This kind of thing is only really an issue in the near field focus range, which varies depending upon the particular lens speed and angle of view of the lens/camera in use. Obviously there are times when it is important, but it is a relatively uncommon failure unless you are habitually shooting in the very near field with an ultra-fast wide-open lens or doing a lot of macro work.

    What the article says to me is that too many rely upon their nifty auto everything wizzy cameras to get the focus dead on too much of the time without any thought to the practice of focusing. It's an attitude that reduces a brilliant piece of sophisticated machinery like a Canon 5D or Pentax K5 to the performance of a point and shoot.

    If you are in a situation where it makes a difference, of course use the selectable focus point system to optimize the focus properly. In other circumstances, use the pattern AF, or the different focus sensitivities possible with some cameras. In others use manual focus.

    The key is to think about what you are doing and use the available tools to the best of your ability, to exploit the camera to do the best that it can do at all times..

    Cameras are sophisticated but stupid automatons.

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    Re: Automatons

    Quote Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
    Cameras are sophisticated but stupid automatons.
    This is something I always stressed upon when teaching newcomers to photography and the flaws in lightmetering.

    Come to think of it just change the first word and you also have the perfect description to the world's mess:

    Politicians are sophisticated but stupid automatons. (And far more expensive than cameras ...)
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