Reading that seems more official and more confirmed than the original rumor. It also says Ricoh will focus on compact cameras that are not with interchangeable lenses while the Pentax brand will take the interchangeable lens camera systems.

Where does that live the GRX camera? I would say if it has sold well, either it relaunches under the Pentax brand or Ricoh just keeps it on the side.

*If I was Ricoh* I think the best would be to sell the GRX out of the box with a K-mount and maybe even can the idea of the other lenses + sensor modules while selling the other mounts (Leica, Canon, Nikon, etc.). But then they have information about their own market I don't have. Just seems kinda the most straight forward.

That said, looks like Pentax had such camera on their own development and dime, and they are using that project so it's not a Ricoh GRX but something else.

I really think that an APS_C mirrorless combined with the Pancake lenses would deliver what Sony missed in the nexes which is small lenses. I predict Sony will plug that hole later.

Would be nice Pentax if a 43mm Limited pancake could fit in a pocket with that camera. :-)

- Raist