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Thread: Question on exposure bracketing for Pentax K1

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    Question on exposure bracketing for Pentax K1

    I prefer to bracket in M mode by fixing an aperture and altering the shutter speed, but with the Pentax K1 it seems that in M mode with bracketing selected, the camera will alter both the aperture and shutter speed.

    The only way I can find to keep the aperture constant, is to move to Av mode, this fixes the aperture during the bracketing. However the camera will select a shutter speed that it feels is the the correct one to start with. I can live with this, but would rather have the ability to bracket from M mode. With Nikon or Canon, you can set your starting point for the exposure, then fire off the bracket.

    Just curious if there is a custom setting that would let me bracket in M mode, with aperture remaining constant?

    Paul C

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    Re: Question on exposure bracketing for Pentax K1

    Hi Paul,
    I see no setting to let you do it the way you want to.
    But it seems logical: Av is made for setting aperture manually and let the camera adjust speed, M is made for setting both speed and aperture manually. So its a normal behavior for auto braketing to modify both S and Av in M mode and S only in Av mode.
    It's just acting like a human would use those modes.

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