Hi everybody.
I'm PC user and I'm using LR basically from the beginning of my adventure with DSLR. So, I know LR quite well especially well about it's issues.
From time when I bought K1 my problems with LR grown.
Color casts, shifts, burned pixels (than you LED monochrome lights). And speed. 8 core processor, 32 GB of ram, SSD for system, RAID 0 for files. 4GB video card for processing. Still LR can choke with touching sliders. I know I should buy MAC .
So I started to search for something new. As we know SilkyPic is... let say not best option for everyone .
So I'm now checking Capture One 9.3. And it is much better in term of color, gradients of color. I still need to learn lot of stuff (thanks LuLa for great tutorals!)
Still looking for something that give me outside border and watermark as morgify plugin in LR

I wrote this post as it could help those of you who have similar problems.
Below simple difference LR and C1 (or CO):
What was much harder for that picture: get smooth gradient from led lamps
First LR

And C1