Join Guy and Jack in Moab, Utah: Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
- February 6th through 9th, 2008 -

~This Workshop is being supported by Leica Camera~

3 spaces available -

The format of this particular workshop is applicable to all experience levels, and any camera make is welcome. Also, the shooting schedule will be relaxed enough so that even large format shooters can comfortably participate.

Our next workshop will be February 2008 in Moab, Utah, where we'll be photographing primarily in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Dates, costs and all registration information can be found below in the details section.

The capture above is of Mesa Arch (in Canyonlands NP), taken at sunrise in early February a few years ago. We choose early February for this workshop for two main reasons: One, the light is low and and as soft as it gets all year, and two, there is always a chance to have a light dusting of snow accenting the red rock (small amounts can be seen in the distant background in the lower right of the image). Finally, as an added bonus, these parks have very low traffic this time of year, so we can photograph relatively uninterrupted!


Dates will be February 6th through 9th, 2008 in Moab, Utah. Moab in the winter can be spectacular for images, and specifically the early February dates are the most likely to leave a light dusting of snow to accent the red rock structures. Even if there is not any snow, the shooting is generally spectacular. The experience is enhanced by the fact there are usually very few people visiting Moab that time of year, so we should have the place relatively to ourselves. (And the shot of Mesa arch at sunrise attached above has NOT been enhanced in CS --- that’s really what it looks like when it happens!)

We are happy to announce that this workshop will also be supported by Leica camera. Leica sales reps Jim and Linda Butler will be attending the workshop with a demo kit full of Leica products, so here's a great opportunity to try out all the hottest Leica gear!

We have obtained special pricing on rooms for our participants at $65/night + tax. Guy and Jack will be staying here and we'll be using their conference room for the workshop sessions. It is conveniently located in the heart of Moab, includes continental breakfast (though we may be leaving in the mornings before it’s available), refrigerators, coffee makers and high-speed wireless Internet in every room. The rooms have either two queens or a king, but there are only a limited number of King rooms available. We'll forward the full location, contact and room registration details when you sign up.

This workshop is limited to 12 participants. The workshop fee for this destination is $1395. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your space. The final balance will be due 30 days prior to workshop. PayPal or Check is fine. Again, payments should be sent to Jack at:


Jack Flesher
445 S San Antonio Rd
Suite #101
Los Altos, CA 94022

Email and PayPal ID (for more information as well as deposits): [email protected] , make sure to mention Moab in the subject!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Guy or Jack directly. Hope to see you in Moab!

Jack and Guy

Clearing winter storm over the Lasalle mountains at sunset, Arhces NP

Basic itinerary, subject to modification based on actual shooting conditions when there:

•Note: This time of year in Moab, the sun rises at about 7:30 AM and sets at about 5:30 PM.

•Wednesday the 6th
9:00 AM: Intro and greet new attendees
9:30 AM: Basics for the new attendees, including; Composition, Exposure and Histogram, Basic RAW conversion workflow.
(Note that this is the same general material covered before every workshop and as such, previous attendees may elect to be out shooting instead of attending this morning session.)
11:30 AM: Break for lunch
1:00 PM: Official opening of the workshop for all attendees.
2:00 PM Advanced capture techniques, including optimizing capture sets destined for later HDR blending in CS, and optimizing capture sets for later stitching into panoramas or high-resolution composite images in CS.
3:30 PM: Depart for sunset shoot of “Balancing Rock” in Arches NP.
6:00 PM Return to Motel
7:30 PM Optional Group Dinner, probably at the “Moab Brewery.” (Note that Utah is a dry state, so all the beer is 3.2 and there are no real bars or stores in the area that provide hard alcoholic beverages.

•Thursday the 7th
5:30 AM: Leave for first sunrise shooting destination (Landscape Arch).
10:00 AM: Optional group breakfast in Moab, probably the local Denny’s since not much else is open this time of year.
12 Noon: RAW workflow techniques for the special capture sets
1:00 PM: Color Management for digital photographers
3:00 PM: Suggested Settings for Photoshop
3:30 PM:Leave for evening shoot (optimal location TBD, but probably the Fins and/or Park Avenue.)
6:00 PM Return to Motel
7:30 PM Optional Group Dinner

•Friday the 8th
5:30 AM: Leave for Mesa Arch (Need to be there early to get a spot, about a 20 minute hike in from the parking lot.) Since Mesa Arch is very weather dependant, our alternate for that morning is the Green River overlook.
10:00 AM: Optional group breakfast in Moab
12 Noon: Adjustment layers, using Curves and Levels in CS
1:30 PM: IR (Infrared) capture with the Leica M8 by guest instructor Jim Collum.
3:30 PM OPTION 1: Leave for evening shoot (optimal location TBD)
3:30 PM OPTION 2: CS Master’s class tips on using JHolmes custom Profile sets, Layers, Masking and making a custom signature brush.
6:00 PM Return to Motel
7:30 PM Optional Group Dinner

•Saturday the 9th
5:30 AM: Leave for Mesa Arch (2nd chance) or alternate IR location. (IR color is best captured prior to sunrise, so you actually a two-fer shooting opportunity with IR!)
9:00 AM: Optional group breakfast in Moab
11:00 AM 1 on 1 sessions with the instructors
3:00 PM: Official close of workshop

Landscape Arch, 2004

Here are a few comments from our last group after Yosemite:

Good Morning,
I have been to a few Photo Shoots and Workshops and I found that this was probably the most enjoyable outing I’ve been on... You all were great and we had a wonderful time with everyone – Thank you... I especially wanted to thank Jack & Guy for allowing us to participate with all of you... We look forward in seeing everyone again at other photo shots or workshops...
Thanks so much... Linda
I wanted to thank both of you again for an outstanding weekend. I learned a great deal, right along the lines of what I needed. I’m working on processing the photos that Jack was kind enough to review for me. I marvel at how you were able to make this happen from interactions on the forum. ... Again, thanks for every thing. You both worked hard and were very patient with all of us, I thought. Depending on the timing, I’ll try to rejoin you in the future and do it again.
steve scates
Dear Guy and Jack:

Just a quick note to express my thanks and total satisfaction with your content and presentation this past week. You guys really hit a ton of information out of the park for me. Despite my newness to Leica and Photoshop, you moved my experience level light years and provided me with enough material for years of satisfaction from a photographic pastime that gives me great pleasure. I really can’t thank you enough for remembering and tolerating my inexperience. While really only taking in about 20% (on the high side) of what you were dishing out, I am already enjoying the fruits of your labor. What a treat! I could say more, but I have to go epoxy two lens caps together…just another bit of wisdom in the shadows of El Capitan. Again, a delightful time and great experience for a now better photographer.

Warm regards,

Reynolds Young
Jack, Guy, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you once again for putting on such a great workshop! It was good fun, good fellowship, and a great learning experience. Not to mention, a wonderful place to make photographs. I know you put a lot of work into it, and you hit the ball right out of the park!!!!!
Thanks Again! Ben Tanner

Guy and Jack,

I'll add my thanks to the many I'm certain you have already received. Guy was correct in telling me that rookies are like sponges as I did indeed learn alot. I NOW have a basic workflow to start on and look forward to gaining more skill and confidence with it. I will attend another one soon to "layer"(LOL!) on top, but just as importantly, the comradarie and good time with all of the others. Thanks again and I look forward to the new "private" forum... Hope you'll stay in touch.


And a shot from that trip, compliments of Bob Freund: