I just want to warn anyone thinking of buying the B9180 printer to be extremely careful. Don't get me wrong, I like the design of this printer and the concept is great, but you'd do well to check out Google for the:
"Service Stall - Press OK to continue" error. Also can be reviewed on the HP website. it has a specific area to review in the service section for this printer.

I purchased one of these printers brand new on eBay, came in its original shipping, still sealed etc. I installed it in October (bought in Spetember). Now less than 20 prints later, and with only about 60 days of use it is locked up solid with the above error.

calls to HPs support line determined yes it does have a hardware fault, but HP refuses to support it, because they claim its out of warranty. So basically I have to throw a $700 printer away as it cannot be repaired by anyone other than HP, and its 60 days new.

If you do plan to purchase this printer make sure you also purchase the extended warranty, and even if HP does exchange it be aware they will only send out a refurbed one. This family of printers obviously has an endemic flaw, so make sure you have plenty of warranty protection if you plan to own one.